Hotspot Abstract

This section of the blog will be used to publish information which was discovered during my dissertation ‘Wi-Fi Hotspots: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’.

The title refers to:
The Good = Internet connectivity is available.
The Bad = The communications are unencrypted.
The Ugly = The attacks which will be demonstrated.

The report investigated how identity theft and fraud can occur on unsuspecting victims when utilising unsecure wireless hotspots within establishments such as cafes, hotels and public houses to names a few. Each of the attacks will be will be simulated within a laboratory environment illustrating the method in which the users can become exploited (Please find lab setup within ‘The Lab’ section). In order to mitigate these attacks a personal virtual private network relay using low cost technologies which are already available will be created, allowing non-technical users to utilise their home broadband connection to secure their connection.

In the words of Michael Barrymore from his 1990’s game show Strike It Lucky:
“What is a hotspot not? A good spot!”.


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